Patient Experiences

Maurice R:
Monday is the first working day of my week, and I begin early by placing my physical self in the hands of a true healer, Dr. Fallwell. After adjusting me and checking to make sure I am in balance, she sends me to the next phase of healing: my laser treatment. I think of this as amplifying light waves to stimulate my nervous and immune systems, promoting better health to my entire body God certainly made my life happier and healthier when he sent the two of you my way.

Barry K:
About three years ago, I suddenly started having blackouts brought on by bouts of heavy coughing. They lasted only a few seconds, but within a very short span of time they developed into seizures lasting longer and more frequently. Sometimes following these episodes, I actually felt as if I had been in another state of consciousness.
After several medical tests, I was diagnosed with Cough Syncope, and there was nothing the medical profession could do. So guess who I asked to explain my condition: Dr. Fallwell. She not only relayed to me her knowledge of how the vagus nerve was involved but also applied that knowledge through her hands to restore my health. After a few treatments, my cough syncope stopped and so did the blackouts and seizures. Thanks, Dr. Fallwell!

Ann G:
If you want to find a chiropractor who
understands the mind, body, and spirit
connection than look no further than Dr.
Christine Fallwell. It is truly amazing to see
your physical symptoms fade away after
treatments by Dr. Chris. She encourages looking
at all aspects of your life that, in time, ease
your stress and inflammation in your body, thus
promoting healing. She is one of a kind and I
enthusiastically recommend Dr. Chris for the
best in chiropractic care.

Andrea E:
I thought I would have a second surgery on my foot. I kept the toe bandaged and as immobilized as possible. I couldn't wear regular flats to work, only over-sized athletic shoes. I couldn't face the pain of extended recovery time after the first "simple procedure." So I limped around for a few weeks then my knees and back started aching and nagging. I continued to drag myself to work due to pain and lack of energy for a few more weeks. Then a trusted long-time friend insisted I see Dr. Fallwell.
By the end of the first week of treatment, walking wasn't painful for my foot. My knees and back were working again much more comfortably than before! With a month of so of treatments three times a week, I was walking like normal with NO pain in my foot or knees! Gradually the number of visits decreased. Today I am back on my feet walking, biking, dancing, doing tai chi or yoga with a great appreciation for how well my body works and moves. Thanks to Dr. Fallwell I'm footloose and fancy free again!